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Rowan Document Solutions is a market leader in Healthcare Release of Information. We are proud to service some of the most prominent medical facilities in the Tri-State Area. Our market specific expertise ensures the secure and timely exchange of protected health information (PHI) between the healthcare provider and third-party requestors. This expertise, coupled with our innovative and customizable solutions, industry-leading technology, and experienced staff deliver an uncommon level of service and benefits to our clients.


Features / Benefits:

  • Establish regulatory compliance
  • Simplified audit fulfillment & tracking
  • Simplified intra-departmental sharing of PHI
  • Intra-hospital requests are processed as first priority
  • Enhanced revenue cycle
  • Improved patient/requestor service
  • Reduced time and labor for Medical Records Department
  • Revenue sharing options
  • Operations Center functioning seven days a week processing medical records requests (Operations Center located offsite can be used to supplement your photocopying, scanning and ROI related tasks

Partner with Rowan

And assume more control over your disclosure management process:

Depending upon the needs of each client, Rowan establishes a custom service profile. This allows clients to assume control and ownership over selected aspects of the disclosure process. Some clients, for example, may only wish to use our software. Others may prefer a comprehensive disclosure fulfillment arrangement. Our goal is to simply make it work for the client.

Our service models fall into 3 basic categories:

Fully staffed model:

Rowan sources, hires and manages ROI staff at your facility or offsite at our fulfillment center.

Licensing the RowanROI application:

You license Rowan's disclosure application, RowanROI, to facilitate a more efficient in-house operation with your own HIM staff – leaving distribution, quality auditing and collections to us.

Shared service model:

Blend your facility's HIM staff with our trained ROI experts for a stronger knowledge base and flexible resource allocation.


Features / Benefits:

  • The most progressive, feature rich and customizable ROI database available RowanROI

  • HIPAA & Meaningful Use compliant
  • Audit fulfillment & tracking solutions (RAC & Other Audits)
  • Convenient, electronic delivery & payment options for requestors

  • Comprehensive Accounting of Disclosures functionality
  • Real-time viewing of scanned/uploaded records and requests
  • Simple integration with any EMR system(s) saves time, money, paper and toner by eliminating the need to print the EMR

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