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About Us

A trustworthy and reliable partner

Rowan is a recognized leader in providing Release of Information (ROI) and Document Management Solutions to healthcare facilities and businesses throughout the Tri-State Area.

Our ability to innovate and customize along with our industry-leading technology, and experienced personnel, deliver an uncommon level of service and solutions for our clients.

Experience. Expertise. Easy to work with.

Rowan’s management and administrative staff each have between five to over 20 years of experience. These dedicated professionals maintain our philosophy: To go above and beyond the expected level of service for our clients.

Joe Rowan, Founder

As our founder, Joe has seen Rowan evolve from a one person, single typewriter medical transcription operation to a high-tech leader in ROI, document scanning and records management. Despite the leaps and bounds the company has made over the past 30 years, there’s one thing that Joe has insisted remain the same: the good, old-fashioned customer service that’s in our DNA and a key reason for our success.

Greg Rowan, President & CEO

Carrying Rowan's innovative spirit into the 21st century, Greg has used his talent and vision to help create the evolved company you see today. With a keen eye on the future Greg is at the forefront of Release of Information and Document Management Services. As Rowan's CEO, Greg has formed relationships with industry leaders and collaborated to advance Rowan's growth and potential. His time spent at the helm has yielded a wealth of knowledge and expertise to raise the bar within the industry. Exemplifying Rowan's exceptional service, Greg personally oversees each account.